Where I Lived, and What I Lived For

12 Feb

This blog is about the research that is going into my efforts to listen to the soundtrack of queer theory. I’ve written a little over the years, with varying degrees of analytical specificity, in more academic and more journalistic modes, about the intersections and missed connections of sexuality and music.

This blog is an effort to consolidate and present that thinking more systematically, but also less.

More, in that I’m attempting to draw together some threads of argument that would support a book length narrative. Less, in that I am interested in engaging the wanderings in and out of the frame that networked communities of listeners and readers enable. My research philosophy, inspired loosely by actor-network theory, and also by the digital humanities, is to invite the public into my writing and thinking process.

But my primary inspiration is this quote from Henry David Thoreau, that my mentor Henry Abelove first passed along to me: I had three chairs in my house; one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society. I still believe in the necessity of solitude (one) and conspiracy (two). This is the third chair.


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