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Listening for Feb. 25

24 Feb


Ryan James Yezak made this video/song in response to the recent debate regarding Azealia Banks calling Perez Hilton a “messy faggot” on Twitter. This will serve as my object of analysis up for consideration this week in Queer Music seminar. I will provide a more detailed discussion of the piece soon. For now, please listen to and watch the video in order to generate some initial thoughts before I suggest anything.

Brandon M.

Listenings for Feb 11th

10 Feb

NB: For one example of a direction the analytical review assignment can take, feel free to check out my recent posting at Sounding Out blog.

The Germs live at the Whiskey A Go Go

The Other Newest One

Lexicon Devil

Matmos, Germ Burn for Darby Crash (LP Version)

Germ Burn for Darby Crash (Live)

Matmos (live tonight Feb 11th) at LPR


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