Scream & Shout, and Britney Spears

10 Mar

In lieu of the conversation we had last class, and in reading the Youtube Reader essays, I keep finding myself drawn to this music video (which probably many of you are familiar with).

I wonder how we might consider this video alongside the concept of mimesis? Also, what does it say about the (re)production of bodies, film, music? wears a chain of a camera around his neck, both Britney and are reproduced and mirrored throughout the video while walking along what can be read as a kind of assembly line, and the merging of old and new technologies seem to be part of the message of this video. (Check 1:07, 3:33, 3:35-3:37, etc.) Thought it might be interesting for us to think about this video in discussion tomorrow alongside last weeks conversation about the history of the MP3!

Happy reading/listening/watching,


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