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Upcoming lectures

4 Mar

I seem to be taking forever to write up my full post-conference notes on EMP 2011, so maybe my little provocation on queer representation will have to stand in for my substantive intellectual gains from the event, even if someone on Twitter called that posting a “post-identity relapse” or something like it.

We are not post-identity. We are pre-identity. Identity is not yet upon us. Like the owl of Minerva, it flies at dusk.

In the meantime, I just got the link to this interesting conference at Harvard University for which I’ve been invited to give a keynote on April 8th. I’m not speaking about music, but wearing my other hat as a nineteenth century cultural historian. I will do Gaga redux, however, at the presidential plenary of the Cultural Studies Association Annual Meeting in Chicago later this month (March 24th), and at a conference at Cornell University on Music, Gender, and Globalization, April 2nd.

Coming up on Bully Bloggers: Jack Halberstam and I trade thoughts on “Born this Way” video.