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ASA wrap up

23 Oct

Somehow I missed both the big sound studies panel and the sound studies caucus. But sound was everywhere at this year’s ASA, and I don’t just mean all the air kisses and the clatter of awkward mid-panel entrances and exits (guilty as charged).

I finally met Jennie Stoever Ackerman, who joined me in gleefully pounding crabs into submission Saturday night. She tells me the sound studies caucus is close to receiving official status at the ASA. Another dinner companion, Drew Daniel, told me about his new article on queer sound in the current issue of The Wire. I am eager to read that.

Daylenne English gave a talk on the ever fascinating Janelle Monáe. And Gus Stadler gave a rich talk on sound and recording technology in Andy Warhol that, I was thrilled to learn, is shaping into a book on the sensorium in Warhol. This was on a 10am Sunday panel on Warhol that was uniformly strong, with contributions from Homay King and Jonathan Flatley, and an incredible response from Eric Lott who took the queering of Mick Jagger — via Warhol — from implausible to totally convincing in bare minutes.